High-Performance Development - C#, VB, SQL, ASP.NET

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"Ed is a web developer I've worked with in the past with good results. He's an exception to my "nightmare" rule :)"
Daniel Chait, Founding Partner, Lab49.com
“Ed recently provided consulting services on a large-scale e-commerce project for us, and I could not have been happier. His company's work was accurate, speedy and well worth the price.
Daniel Chait, Founding Partner, Lab49.com
"You did a great job parsing the financial data from the reports. The parser extracted the financial data with 100% accuracy. The project was very successful."
Fred Blau, President, MassTechnical.com
Ed has done a great job with some difficult database programming projects. I highly recommend him.”
Fred Blau, President, MassTechnical.com
"Ed is a true professional! His web development work is always smart and eloquently executed with a deep understanding of my own specific business objectives in mind. In short, he knows what to do...because he has the patience (and horsepower) to understand what my business ultimately wants to achieve through his work. Then he does it. I am a very happy client of Ed Swartz and I recommend his services with great enthusiasm!"
Bill Wreaks, Owner, FinancialAdvertising.com
"Ed is a very good programmer". 
"This is Good!, Ed" - Referring to a drag and drop UI I designed. 
Ray Atherton, Theater Development Fund, Tdf.org
"Good ASP.NET developers are very hard to find. Ed, you're one of the better ASP.NET developers I've found (paraphrased)."
"My experience with Ed has been very positive 
-- he's very responsive and customer-focused..."
Ted Ngo, Outside The Box Solutions