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Keep a project journal to preserve details


Many of my projects are large and complex These projects contain hundreds of modules, database tables, stored procedures, and scripts. Here are some challenges you might encounter working on these challenging projects:

  • Your client asks you to design a new feature but delays development of the new feature. Six months later the client asks you to develop the feature. You've forgotten the design you created six months previously.
  • You debug a problem and find a solution. Six months later you run into the same problem but you've forgotten the solution.
  • You try many ideas to debug a problem but don't find a solution. You resume debugging the problem several weeks or months later. You've forgotten all the debugging ideas you initially tried.


Keep a project journal. Record these items in your journal

  • New designs you've created but not implemented in the project.
  • Solutions to problems.
  • Debugging notes (even if you've not found the cause of the problem). 

I suggestion using the Problem-Solution Article Format for your journal entries.

The advantages to keeping a journal are:

  • You can review your designs for features and begin developing the feature without having to redesign.
  • You can look up solutions to problems.
  • You can refresh your memory on what debugging steps you've already done and what the results were of that debugging.

You'll save time and money.