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Problem: The Installer was Interrupted Before <MyService> Could Be Installed.

When you click on the Install menu item in Visual Studio for a WCF Service Setup project the installer dispplays:

The installer was interrupted before <MyService> could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again.

Solution: Install IIS 6 Management Compatibility

There appear to be several solutions to this problem. This solution worked for me.

  1. Go Start\Control Panel.
  2. Go to Programs and Features\Turn Windows features on or off.
  3. Expand Internet Information Services \ Web Management Tools \ IIS 6 Management Compatibility
  4. Check the items under IIS 6 Management Compatibility:
    1. IIS 6 Management Console
    2. IIS 6 Scripting Tools
    3. IIS 6 WMI Compatibility
    4. IIS 6 Metabase and II6 configuration compatibility
  5. Click OK.
  6. System installs the selected features,
  7. Try installing your web service again.

Problem: There Was No Endpoint Listening at...

When you attempt to connent to a web service endpoint on your local machine you receive this exception:

There was no endpoint listening at http://localhost:5196/StockPriceService.svc that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details.

There are several potential solutions. You may need to try each one to discover the solution that works for you.

Solution 1: Use Real IP Address

  1. Update your endpoint address in your app.config or web.config file to use your systems real IP address instead of "localhost".
  2. Retry connecting to the endpoint.

Problem: Imports Warning and Type 'Service1' is not defined

Visual Studio displays these warnings and error messages:

warning BC40056: Namespace or type specified in the Imports 'WcfService1' doesn't contain any public member or cannot be found. Make sure the namespace or the type is defined and contains at least one public member. Make sure the imported element name doesn't use any aliases.
Type 'Service1' is not defined.

Solution: Add Service Operations

You may have added functions to your .SVC code file but not defined the service operation in your service interface code file.


Logging Installation Steps

Log Installation Steps:

  1. Create a batch file with the MSIEXEC command line.
  2. Run service installation procedure.
  3. Examine the log for clues.

msiexec /i <msi file path> /l*vx C:\<LogDirectory>\Service.log